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14 octubre 2016 - 16 desembre 2016



Historically, man has explored the benefits of trees, seeking shade during the hot summer days, to protect from rain, wind or snow, to feed, cure diseases or even to build tools. With the growth of cities and urban areas they have quickly realized that trees act as thermoregulators around homes, improve air quality, land structure and beautify the places where they live. In our modern world, trees are exposed to severe stresses created by humans. In urban areas the life of the trees is particularly hard because they are exposed to numerous setbacks: construction (causing reduced root and groundwater); soil compaction, lack of soil; damage vehicles, road salt, dog urine and air pollution. All this affects the vitality of the trees because the ideal conditions for root decay, pest infestation and instability generated. As trees improve and beautify our urban habitats significantly, it is extremely important to preserve them and give them proper care. During the past 30 years the profession of arborist (tree climber), especially tree climbing, has been developed much, both the knowledge of living organisms in question and the most appropriate techniques for conservation, and security, efficiency and ergonomics for performing this method. They have established working methods approved throughout Europe and North America as well as in parts of South America and Asia. The Arborist has actively contributed to the development of this profession, maintaining a close link with scientists, engineers, and fans of the trees in order to evolve from knowledge sharing. Since 1976, arborists from around the world meet annually to compete in the so-called tree climbing championships, both nationally and internationally. These events contribute, first, the exchange of experiences to assess and update new developments about trees, new materials, equipment and working methods. In 2008 the Belgian Arborist Association (BAAS) created the ” Veterans Tree Climbing Championship”. These championships were a recognition by young arborists to veterans, he unveiled the history of this profession, valuing the work done over the years and bringing together both pioneers like the youth of this exciting world. Thus he was born the idea of ​​a glass of veterans. Since then, this event has been organized four times, twice in Belgium, once in the Netherlands and in 2014, first as “European Veterans Tree Climbing Championship” in Germany. This year, in autumn 2016 the Second European Veterans Tree Climbing Championship trees will be held in Mallorca, Spain. the competition seeks to value teamwork, the use of techniques, creativity and knowledge of the tree. the event is scheduled for three days two for a arboricultural days and one for competition.


Friday, October 14

9:00 Workshop taught by Gerard Passola
“Understanding trees trough their nature: autumn colors – the importance of dead branches for the structure – breakin branches trough the wind and humans” (40 € for associates / 60 € no associates)

Saturday, October 15

9:00 Lecture given by representatives from different European countries
“The evolution of tree climbing in Europe (From the beginning to the current situation)”
Explanatory 12:00 Demonstration climbing (How climbed before and how they have evolved climbing techniques and pruning)
16:00 Workshop taught by Jan Von Hoffman / Francesc Villarubias:
“Techniques of classical tala”
20:00 Party Pre / veterans championship.
Grilled mallorcan beef by Elvis (there will be vegetables). 15 € / person Advance registration required
Live music and games for attendees

Sunday, October 16

The championship consists of three tests:
1. Combination of classical and modern techniques of climbing.
2. Ability with knots.
3. Techniques pulley systems.
The organization will all necessary equipment for testing material.
Participants only have to bring helmet and climbing harness
* Festive day during the tournament from 10:00 with live music… …and playground games for the public…

If you want to participate please fill out this newsletter and send it to (Prices for competitors: 50 €; to camp: 15 €)
Organized by: ABA (Associació Balear de l’Arbre)
Collaboration: Spanish Association of Arboriculture
More information:
Toni Calafell: +34 619 10 56 26
Jan von Hofmann: +49 173 250 76 89

Can Boi Refuge ( Deia ) : 19,05 euros includes towels, sheets and breakfast. 971636186
Cas Papa ( Valldemossa ): Double 135,00 Euros 10% if the option is used nonrefundable individual with breakfast. 971612808


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14 octubre 2016
16 desembre 2016
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